FunFace Dance

FunFace is not only about photos but also about dancing. How come? Thanks to FunFace Dance. A brand new feature among our services, which will upgrade the already great entertainment at your event.

Great screen with camera

Dancing against the wall is not fun. With FunFace Dance, you are dancing on a large, up to 65´´ screen, where you can see animated characters that will help you catch the right rhythm and show you what is in you. At the same time, you are being recorded by camera, because...

It's not just a dance but also a competition

... your moves can help you achieve the best score! The cameras capture the dancers and evaluate who moves most closely with their motions and creations with the pattern from the screen. The best score, of course, wins.

Compete with your friends

Enough with the boring tombolas and drawings. This is a completely different type of competition that requires more than just a simple luck. It shows who is dancing queen and who is more of a clown. ;) Even if there was only one drink in the game, you can still enjoy the amounts of fun. And after a good excitement, there is nothing to prevent you from getting a few photos in our photo-booth.