Graffiti Wall is welcomed enrichment of every corporate event, wedding or any other party. It enables the photoshooting and interaction in a brand new, original and funny way. It is an unique device which creates an imitation of the wall, on which you can electronically draw graffiti. Your guests may take an e-spray and enrich their photos with various colors, pictures or text.

How does it work?

Pose with your friend or colleague for the photo, which will be taken with our selfie photo booth. The photo will at the same time appear on Graffiti Wall.

Grab the e-spray and draw your own props or write a funny message.

You can either print this customized photo right on the spot, send to your email, or share on social networks via Graffiti Wall, and share this moments with your friends.

Be creative and draw your own graffiti.

All the photos may include the pre-defined funny pictures from our virtual gallery. Or you can draw the graffiti on the photo with an e-spray. Our specially designed e-spray enables you to electronically draw, and therefore the e-spray is never empty and we do not pollute the environment. The palette offers a wide range of colors, accessories or adjustments, and everyone will find what suits them the most.


Does you company plan to attend any trade fare or another promo event? Rent our Graffiti Wall and we can guarantee that this attraction in your stand will definitely attract the visitors. The spray colors can be adjusted according to your company colors, and we will choose the props which are related to your company.