FIT Light

Sporty team-buildings or kids´ party requires, besides photo-shooting, various sporty and entertaining activities. FIT Light from FunFace is the proper accessory for parties like this.

Who has the best reflexes?

FIT Light, this are the eight touch sensors which are being controlled through a special touchpad with touch screen. Just choose your program and the game can start. FIT Light will show who has the best reaction time and responds promptly when the touch sensor flashes.

FIT Light Wall

One of the best ways to enjoy fun with FIT Light is to attach the touch sensors to the wall, choose the right program via the touchpad and show what's in you.

FIT Light Battle

You do not have to play one by one, give yourself a FIT Light Battle! Place the touch sensors on the table, four on the each side of the table. Choose the appropriate program and the fight can begin. Which player has better reflexes and is faster? With FIT Light Battle you will find out.