FunFace photobox is fully automatized photo-booth. Therefore, you do not have to handle with complicated settings which may be confusing, just like on regular cameras. Just pose and wait for your photo to be taken. Thanks to that, you can get a photo from your company´s event with your colleagues or from a birthday party with your friends easily, without any obstacles.


Gone are the days of handling with complicated features and settings. FunFace photobox is operated easily-through its touchscreen. Thanks to the sensitive touch-screen and easy functions, you will not have to speculate over the settings or which button to press. You will see everything on the touch-screen, which you use directly for the opearting as well.


Photo-shooting is fun, but when will you be able to get your photos? On-site! With FunFace photo-booth, you can print your photos immediately after they have been taken, and continue enjoying yourself at the event. You will appreciate this function not only at the farewell party with a friend who is moving abroad, but at the weddings as well. Just imagine it, entertaining photo-shooting with a high quality photobox, photo printed in few seconds, and you can stick them in the wedding album for newly married couple, and write them a wish or an amusing message!


Sick colleague, a friend on a vacation or friend babysitting? From time to time, some guests are not able to attend the event, and are being missed. Share with them the atmosphere of the event by sending them a photo from FunFace photobox. How? It is very easy indeed. After the photo-shooting, just choose the option to send on the touch-screen, and type the email.